Syncing your Gmail Account

How to make sure you, and your team, can sync inbound AND outbound emails in real time, back to Better Agency

Our Gmail Email sync allows you to automatically (in 'real-time') to have all contact emails sent to you, and all of your outbound emails from your google account, automatically sync to the contact file in Better Agency.


Here is how you set it up:

  1. Got to - enter your log-in credentials
  2. Once you are in the admin portal, select "Security"


   3.    Scroll to the bottom and select "API controls"



   4.    Click "Manage Third-Party App Access


   5.    Click on "Configure new app" and select "OAuth App Name or Client ID"


   6.    Enter this link in the "Search" section


Click "search" and you will see the "Better Agency Gmail Sync" pop up. When you hover over it, you will see an option to "Select". Click "Select"


   7.    Check off the "OAuth Client ID" (It will check the URL you entered in step 6 as well) and click "select" on the bottom right hand side of the page



   8.    Select "Trusted: Can access all Google services" then "Configure"