QQCatalyst + Better Agency

Everything you need to know about using QQCatalyst and Better Agency

This article will show you exactly what you need to do to upload your data, successfully from your QQCatalyst AMS, and how the majority of our users are using QQ in conjunction with Better Agency.

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Unfortunately, QQ does not have a default report, that gives the data that we recommend importin into Better Agency, including:

  • Basic contact info (name, email, phone, address)

  • Policy data (effective date, term length, policy, carrier, premium, commission)

  • Commercial info

However, what you can do, is run a custom report:

Once you run a custom report, you can select the fields you need

You can find our recommendation on fields here:


Then, simply export that as a .csv or an excel file (You will need a .csv to import to Better Agency)

From here, you can follow the instructions on how to import into Better Agency


Using QQ and Better Agency On an On-going Basis

Once you have your client data in Better Agency, that's generally the last import our users have to do! However, there are some instances, depending on how you're using Better Agency, where you might want to import on a monthly, or quarterly basis:

  • Updating canceled policies

  • Making sure all data is up to date

Generally speaking, BA becomes your sales tool. So all prospects will flow directly into BA. When using our sales pipeline, when moving a prospect to won, we collect the information that we need to manage the client record

  • Policy type, carrier & number

  • Premium, effective date and term length

Producers will do this, as this will track their premium, and count toward their goal, as well as if you have your commission calculator set up, it will automatically track their commissions!

This will allow the policy to be up to date, and you can manage service requests, claims and as renewal opportunities come up, can all be managed from Better Agency automatically, with notes and automation!

If you have questions on how this work, please join one of our group calls - you can register for one below

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