NowCerts + Better Agency: How To Setup Integration And Automations

Everything you need to know about using Better Agency and NowCerts together!

This article will show you what you need to do to sync your data successfully from your NowCerts AMS and the details of our direct integration.

Part 1: Setup your NowCerts Integrations settings in your Better Agency account.

Step 1: Login to your Better Agency account and go to Edit Agency.

Step 2:
Under the Edit Agency, click the tab "Integrations".

Step 3:
Click the "Add Integration" Button and select "NowCerts" on the drop down field and click Add.

Step 4:
On the newly created NowCerts tab:

  • You have an optional step if you wanted to "Start Renewal and Welcome Campaign" when you sync with your NowCerts account.

  • If that is checked - it will automatically start the Renewal campaign for current contacts that are within the criteria as well as the New Client Welcome campaign for new clients or prospects that get converted to clients.

Once those are checked or unchecked, click the "Configure NowCerts" button.

Step 5:
On the pop up, login using your NowCerts user and password and click Save.

Step 6:
Once saved, you can now map your current ownership to designated assigned owners of contacts.

Congratulations! You have now completed your NowCerts integration!

What Happens When You Integrate Better Agency to Your NowCerts Account?

1. When a new contact is added, or contact is updated
A new contact being added, personal data changed - that data sends to Better Agency to update or create a record in Better Agency

2. When a company is added or updated
If a new company is added, or company data changed - it will update a company record or create a company record in Better Agency

3. When a policy is added or updated
When a policy record is added (to either commercial or personal record), or updated - it will update or create the record in Better Agency

What Automations Can I Trigger Using The NowCerts Integration?

There are several campaigns you can launch automatically from NowCerts

1. When New business downloads
When a new policy downloads, if there was an opportunity for that policy type in the sales pipeline, it will automatically move to 'won', and start the "New Client Welcome Campaign" (if you checked the box in the Integrations page as mentioned in Step 4).

When this happens, we still recommend reviewing the record in Better Agency, to start a cross-sell campaign.

2. Policy Renewals
When a policy meets the renewal criteria, it will create a new Renewal Opportunity in your Better Agency Renewal Pipeline and also trigger the Policy Review Campaign(if you checked the box in the Integrations page as mentioned in Step 4).

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