How To Access Support & Training Resources

Fastest way to get help and support for any questions

💡Quick Tip! For the best support experience, enable our support team to access your account. Go to Edit Profile, and click the checkbox next to "Allow Account Access".

Allow Account Access

You have a few options to access our support team.

  • Email us at
  • Chat into support using the chat bubble in your Better Agency account.
  • Join our Live Q&A calls, available every Monday - Friday from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. Pacific.

How to Access Support at Better Agency - Watch Video:

More Resources

'Getting Started' Video Reference Course

Within your Better Agency account, access our Getting Started courses. Featuring three levels of video topics covering need to know basics and more advanced features, these videos are short, quick-hitters that focus on one tool or feature in Better Agency. Perfect for new users and veterans who just need a quick refresher. You'll find them located on the left-hand menu below 'Dashboard'.

Getting Started menu

Facebook - Better Agency Power Users Group

Looking for advice from other Better Agency users? Join our Facebook Better Agency Power Users Group!

Join the conversation here:

YouTube - Better Agency Channel

One of the deepest treasure-troves of Better Agency training and learning, along with Agency Success content covering a wide range of topics related to running and growing an independent insurance agency. Interviews, podcasts, insure-tech software and product reviews, and SO MUCH MORE! 

Join our video community here:

Better Agency Help Center

Find articles and resources including how-to's, release notes, and more in our Help Center.

Grow your knowledge here:



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