How to create a sales opportunity from the Sales Pipeline

You can now create a new opportunity directly from the Sales Pipeline! You will now see a blue button above the Won/Lost buckets that says "Create New Opportunity." When you click that, a new window will appear.

sales pipeline 1


You'll see a radio selector at the top to indicate if it is Personal or Commercial. Depending on what you select here, you will be able to see either personal or commercial contacts at the next step and the same for policy types. So if you are creating a personal opportunity, when you click Contacts, you will be able to search your personal contacts. Then, when you click on Policy Type, you will be able to search all of your personal policy types. 


You can assign this opportunity to a specific stage in the pipeline as well and start (or not) the respective campaign associated with that pipeline. If this is a policy that was already bound and you have information such as premium, carrier, and policy number, you can enter that from here too but it is absolutely not required.