How Does My Sales Pipeline Calculate Deal Projected Value?

How does sales pipeline calculate deal projected value

Your sales pipeline will automatically calculate for your estimated projected value within your Better Agency pipeline so you know how much deals you have in your pipeline at a glance!

Sales Pipeline - All Deals Projected Value Calculations

You sales pipeline will automatically calculate all of your projected deals by adding the estimated Deal value within each stages.

All Deals Projected Value = Total Sum of Projected Value of Each Stages of

  • New Leads

  • Appointment Scheduled

  • Working

  • Quote Ready

  • Quote Sent

How is Projected Value Calculated Within Each Stage?

The projected value within each stage is then calculated by the summation of all active opportunities within the Stage.

Stage Projected Value = Total Sum of Projected Premium For Each Lead In Stage

Projected Premium For Lead = Average Value of Premium Sold For A Specific Policy Type


  • The Projected Premium For Lead is POLICY TYPE SPECIFIC

  • You need a Minimum of 10 policies sold for a specific Policy Type for the Estimated Premium Value to be calculated

  • So if you are just starting out and have less than 10 policies sold for a particular policy type, the Stage Projected Value might be blank while the system is gathering data!


If I sold 10 clients on an Auto Policy and they average $1200 premium. My sales pipeline will take this new Projected Premium for new leads but ONLY apply it for new leads for Auto Policies.

This is how the Sales Pipeline calculates Projected Value For Deals.

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