Commercial Teams

This is a very exciting feature for you all! Before we rolled out Commercial Teams, you were not able to ensure that commercial specific service request or renewals ended up with the right person in your agency. Now, you can set up the Commercial Teams and route Service Requests, Claims, Cross-Sells, and Renewals to the correct team. 


Click on your name in the upper right hand corner, then Manage Users, then Teams

teams 1


Now you can see Personal Teams and Commercial Teams that you can select from. Make sure that you have anyone who could potentially own a policy set up on the Sales Team. If you don't, you won't be able to route any of their Service, Claims, Renewal, or Cross-Sells on the next page. 


After you have added all of your team to the correct place(s), click over to Relationship Routing

teams. 2


Now, from here you will be able to route all of those requests that I mentioned earlier. If you select from the "Teams" option on any of these drop downs (Service Team, for example) that will round robin all requests to that particular team. 

teams 3



Video for reference: