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Client Referral Link

Everything you need to know about Client Referrals

Ever want to get unlimited client referrals?

Want to track who is sending you referrals (which clients are sending you the most)?

Want to see who in your agency is getting the most client referrals?

You can do all of this (and more) directly inside Better Agency at a click of a button (or not... automation, am I right?)

Each user in your BA application will receive their own client referral link, simply follow the directions below to access

Go to your "Edit Profile"

Click on "User Referral Settings"

From here, you can customize your referral form, as well as grab your unique referral link

This can be sent out automatically to clients, or manually grabbing the URL. Here is an example of the form:

An exiting note - the top section (the client providing the referral) is AUTOMATICALLY filled when sending it out directly from Better Agency!

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