Add/Edit Video Using YouTube In Proposals

Propoals By Better Agency has built-in capabilities to allow you to attach a video to a proposal. We recommend you use this capability to explain each proposal to your client. This allows you to give a personal and relational experience to your client, but at a convenient time for them.

The following steps walk you through how to add/edit video for a proposal using YouTube.

1. Go to YouTube. com/upload.

2.  Through the Upload pop-up window, select the video file for your proposal.

3. While the file is uploading, add the title to the video for your client to see. You can also add a short description in the box below the title if you wish.

4. Scroll down to select the box marked - "Content not made for children". Hit "Next".

5. Click "Next" to bypass the second page of options. No selections are necessary.

6. To select the correct publishing preference, click on "Publish" then select the "Unlisted" box. This ensures that your video is only seen by those who have received the video link.

7. Select "Done." Your video may take a few more moments to finish processing. Click "Close" once it completes. You will now see your video in your Channel Videos. 

8. To add the video to your proposal, click on the three dots next to your video and select "View in YouTube." This will open your video into a new tab. Below your video, you will see and select the "Share" option.

9. Select the "Embed" option. Copy the embed code. 

10. Navigate back to your Proposals tab. Open the proposal you wish to edit and select "Edit the Proposal."

11. Click on the video portion of the proposal and paste the YouTube embed code within the embed box. Hit "Next" to save and then exit the proposal editing box.

Congratulations! You have successfully added a YouTube video to your proposal. You can now view your video within the proposal.

If you are having issues with YouTube or the video feature of Proposals By Better Agency, please email