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Activate The Zapier Integration For Proposals

The following steps will walk through how to establish the Zapier integration with your Proposals By Better Agency account.

Before you start, be sure to obtain the Zapier token from your Proposals by Better Agency account. This can be found under "My Account" > "Company Settings" at the bottom of the page. Click here for a detailed guide.

Once you have your Zapier token, follow the steps below to setup the integration.

1. Start by following this link: https://zapier.com/developer/public-invite/129422/9e624600795ea968e057a6a724e786fa/

2. Login with your Zapier login information. This will enter you onto a page with a prompt you will select to accept the invitation to build a Zap.  Once accepted, you will be redirected to your Zapier account.

3. Now click on "Create Zap." Search "Proposals by Better Agency" in the "App Event" line of the Trigger box. Select "Proposals by Better Agency".


4. Follow the next step by selecting a trigger event, then click Continue.

5. Under Choose Account, click Sign In next to "Proposals by Better Agency".

6. This will open a window requesting the Zapier token mentioned at the beginning of these instructions. Input the token and click "Yes, Continue".

Once this has been input, Proposals by Better Agency and Zapier have been fully integrated. You can then continue to build your Zap, and Proposals by Better Agency will be available as an app in your Zapier account whenever you create new Zaps.


Congratulations! You have not integrated Zapier with Proposals By Better Agency.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@betteragency.io.